Among its many activities, the SSPT department of ENEA carries on observations and modeling of climate change. Here are described the researches and the scientific results of SSPT in this field.



We are 40 researchers, 1 administratives and, at the moment, 6 young non-staff persons (undergraduate students, post-graduate students, post-graduate fellows, PhD students and research fellows)


Earth Science and Computer Science are the main area of our research. Scientists and economists also co-operate in the study of mitigation and adaptation to climate change

Short CLim Laboratory seminArs (SCiLLA)


SCiLLA are fortnightly internal meetings of MET-CLIM group


Our publications are the main result of our scientific production. We have published 353 articles on ISI journals. 320 of our articles have been ISI-cited for a total of 9698 citations


Our data is also a product of our scientific work. We produce experimental data (from in-situ instruments) and numerical data (produced by the run of numerical models)