Data is an important product of our scientific work.
We produce:

  • experimental data (from in-situ instruments). Most of it is produced in Lampedusa Island and in Antarctica. It is visible in our Lampedusa web site, in our Antarctica web site and in theese external web sites.
  • numerical data (from the run of numerical models). Some of our numerical data is visible in this web site in several forms:
    • static images with plots and contours
    • movies of static images with plots and contours
    • mapping of the static images on Google Earth
    • interactive dialogs and plots using Live Access Server (LAS)

People can see our data in graphic form on the web, but we are happy to share our data with the scientific community. Authorized people can download our data by means of our FTP server and our THREDDS Data Server. Please contact us for being authorized.

The following are our main numerical data products:

  • WAVES: Mediterranian forecasts
    Mediterranean Sea circulation 5 days forecasting system (last run on 24-02-2017) daily updated
  • TYREM: Thyrrenian forecasts
    Tyrrhenian Sea circulation 6 days forecasting system (April 28, 2015 to May 04, 2015 ) daily updated
  • Med SST OI
    Mediterranean Sea surface temperature "optimally interpolated" from 1th January, 1985 to 28th July, 2010
  • EMT 1988-1993
    simulation of the Eastern Mediterranean Transet (EMT) 1988-1993 (las)
  • CIRCE Data
    data produced at ENEA within the Circe european project (las)
  • lagrangian diagnostics
    Lagrangian diagnostics. Numerical trajectories have been obtained systematically integrating numerical particles using the MFSPP eulerian field velocity.
  • maps of dispersion
    Seasonal probability maps of dispersion. Lagrangian Trajectories have been used to build a data base of primary lagrangian statistics (probability maps of dispersion) as a function of season and of geographic position of relaese.