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Since 2005 Gianmaria Sannino is staff scientist at the ENEA. Currently he is working for the Energy and Environment Modeling Technical Unit of ENEA. He has a background in physical oceanography (Degree, Univ. Parthenope of Naples) and marine science (PhD, Univ. Federico II of Naples). His main activities are related to ocean and climate modeling, and more recently wave and tidal potential assessment in the ocean energy context. He was involved in many European and National projects on climate change (PERSEUS, STask leader), oceanography (RITMARE, Action Leader), and ocean energy (MiSE- Ocean Energy, PI). He published more than 30 papers, book chapters, and technical reports.


  • General Circulation of the Mediterranean Sea
  • Strait dynamics, hydraulics and internal waves
  • Climate change at regional scale
  • Development of fully coupled regional climate models
  • Development of regional ocean models
  • Development of regional wave models

selected publications:

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